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    I have the new Katana phone from sprint, I have the text messages but I do not have the sprint PCS Vision. I would like to know if there is any way to upload the pictures from the phone to the computer and to download ringtones from the computer to the phone. I hear there is the option of an usb cable and a software but I would like to know if anyone has tried it and if it has worked for them before I try purchasing it. And if there is any other way that I could get ringtones to the phone without paying any extra fees. thank you for your time

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    Re: Sprint KATANA Sanyo

    Katana format is: .mid, or .qcp.
    Try this post

    or this info:
    Download audacity (free) and use that to crop the mp3 file to the section you want as a ringer. Then go to 3gupload.com, Go into you locker, make sure your phone is set correctly, that your using a katana, and that way the system will convert the files appropriately. Once its converted, you can log into your 3g locker from your phone and download it.

    or this method:
    Open cropped tune @ 30 seconds with Sound recorder, Go to file, properties, Convert Now, then setup the file as PCM, 8.000khz, 16bit, mono, then convert to .qcp with pvConverter.

    quoted from http://www.sprintusers.com/
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    Re: Sprint KATANA Sanyo

    Buy a usb cable and you can use the program DataPilot which will allow you to transfer photos from your phone to the computer but i dont think it will do ringtones for your phone.

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