I want to add some games to my Katana. I have several games in JAR format that i can send to my phone, of course when i do i get a message telling me to download a plugin (which i don't believe is the case). So I see the game sitting there on my phone, and when I click on the JAR file it says I need a handler to take care of this particular type of file. Okay so I've been searching around, i found all this stuff about JAD and JAR. So I used JADMAKER to make a JAD file for my JAR game. Unlike the JAR file I can't even get the JAD file onto my phone (whenever I try to download the JAD i get 'error 905: attribute mismatch) So I have no clue. (i've been using a WAP site to send the files to myself, although i don't think i'd get any better results with a data cable) It isn't going to hurt my feelings if I can't get any of these JAR games to work, I just wish someone could tell me whether what I'm doing can actually be done on this phone, and if so what am I doing wrong. I can't find any info anywhere. Anyone who knows about this and can offer some info you would be a sanity saving godsend. Peace and thanks in advance.

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