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    hi, i would like to transfer camera pictures from my cell phone to the pc via usb data cable. i went online but only found the cables but no software. if i do need the software, where i can purchase both the cable and software so that i can download the pictures.
    i already contacted sprint and sanyo and none of them seem to know anything about the software. i know the stores can transfer data so there must be something out there!!

    it seems that there are cable and software available only for the 3100. can i use them for the 3200 phone?

    thank you in advance.

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    Re: sanyo spc 3200

    aiya! im having the same problem. Although ide also want to download some music on this phone with the said cable and software.
    i will watch this thread for the answers
    (in other words this is a useless comment please ignore )

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