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    Hey all. I bough a USB cable for my Katana DLX that came with a CD of drivers. I installed the drivers, but I am still getting this error when I connect my phone:

    "USB Device Not Recognized"
    One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.

    I found and downloaded another "Katana DLX Driver" but it still do doesn't work.

    Can anyone help?!

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    Re: Katana DLX Driver

    It sounds like you need a computer technitian, it seems like theres nothing wrong with the phone or the drivers. Give it one last chance with BITPIM, and it can be downloaded free here:
    Welcome to BitPim

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    Re: Katana DLX Driver

    You're pretty vague. What operating system are you running? What do you want to do? The phone comes with a USB cable.

    If you just want to access files on the phone's microSD card, then on the phone screen choose Tools > More Tools > Mass Storage > Yes. THEN as the screen says, plug it in to your computer.

    It should show up in My Computer as "Removable Drive" and you can move and copy files to and from the phone's microSD card.

    On XP and Vista a "Safely Remove Hardware" icon should appear in the system tray in your start bar, use that when you're done moving files.

    If you want to use the phone as a modem, which is the way that Bitpim and other transfer programs talk to the phone, then you need to install drivers. That's the hell I'm in now, I'm having trouble getting a Katana DLX to work with Bitpim in both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    On Windows, Sprint's huge program "Sprint PCS Connection Manager for Phone as Modem/USB Cables" contains Sanyo USB drivers. However, Sprint's site doesn't claim version 3.07.044 supports the 8500 (Katana DLX) . If you want to try it, you can download it from sprint.com/downloads. To avoid installing 40 MB of crap just for a simple driver, I used Universal Extractor, from legroom.net/software/uniextract to open up the Sprint_PCS_CM_v044.msi file, and inside it there's a program files\Common Files\Sprint\Sanyo USB\SANYO_Installer\US_UsbDriver.exe. However, after running this I still don't have a working modem driver.

    If you have a working modem driver from the "CD of drivers" then please contact info at skierpage.com to share it! To use the phone as a modem don't run mass storage on the phone as I described above.
    Instead, just plug the phone in to USB. The phone should detect this and ask what you want to do. One option is mass storage, but another is Modem. Choose that. Then, software on the PC like Bitpim should be able to locate the phone.

    However, if you can't get the modem driver to work, Bitpim won't work.

    Windows is awfully unfriendly when a "plug-and-play" device don't play after plugging. Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager may show a ? or ! under Modems or Other devices that may help you debug the problem.
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    Re: Katana DLX Driver

    ok 2 things here

    1 yes go to tools, more tools, mass storage OR transfer music whilst connected to your pc


    i hate to say this but read your manuals people, i am not a manual reader but i was bored and frustrated with my phone last night which brings me toooo...

    2 page 31 of the smallish book that comes with the katana dlx titled experience sprint power vision states that you must download a music manager (not a must but i digress) it incorrectly states the address as (something i'm not allowed to post yet but if you have the book you know) do a google search for "sprint music manager" and you will find it. it does help with the pc to phone connection and might get you there if the mass storage does not.

    or wait there is a...

    3 go buy you a cheap sd card reader, use the adapter that came with your phone and download away, i think i saw one at walmart for under 5 bucks

    wish ya the best of luck

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    Re: Katana DLX Driver

    subject: Using Sanyo Katana DLX as a USB modem Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post
    I got it to work by going to Sprint downloads, select Phone, then select the Katana DLX, and download the Connection Manager.
    1. Install Sprint Connection Manager
    2. Now plug in the cable and the Katana
    3. Windows find Sanyo SY03 multifunction.
    But it has trouble finding Data Interface driver.
    Now, on Windows driver wizard, select browse for a location,
    then browse to ProgramFiles then Sanyo. Select this location
    Windows XP will then successfully install the Data Interface driver.
    4. Start and run Connection Manager. Click on GO. First time,
    it'll find the phone , but did not connect. Click on GO again, you will be

    Good luck

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    Re: Katana DLX Driver

    I'll help you too but please be more clear about it. Even I can't really say what to advise based on the few vague things you've said.

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    Re: Katana-DLX Driver

    Easy solution without downloading anything.

    Have the USB unplugged from your phone.

    Go to Tools
    - More Tools
    --Mass Storage
    ---Select Yes

    Plug in the USB cable to your phone. A message will come up on your phone showing download in progress. The Autoplay window will appear on your PC. Select Import Pictures. Name your file and hit Import.

    When the download is completed shut down the operation on your phone.

    Done. Easy. :-)

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