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    i am so new you can't even call me a newbie

    I have a sprint Sanyo scp 7050. i live in Ont. Canada and we do not have Sprint. i am trying to get it connected though our provider and they are unfamiliar with this phone but told me they would put it on if i could get the instructions.
    i called Sprint and they gave me the master lock code nos. but would not give me instructions on how to program it for any providers
    can anybody help

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    Re: Sprint sanyo scp 7050

    Hey guy! I've got the same problem you have but Sprint won't give me the MSL code for my brand new Sprint phone and I live in Quebec. I also want to put my phone on the Bell mobility network since I already own one from Bell but like I said, I do not possess a master code to re-do the programming of my phone. Maybe if we work together on this, we can get both our problems resolved. If I can try your codes and can put my phone on line, then I may be in a position to help you put your's on line too. I've got a similar thread going on this forum too.

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