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    I was in the middle of a call when my Katana switched to headset mode. I have no idea how it happened but because of it I couldn't hear anything through the ear piece anymore. When I make or receive a call I have to hit the 'speaker' button twice to toggle to regular mode and while the phone is on it is constantly popping up with a message that says "Headset Mode - Turbo Button Off." I found the setting to turn turbo button on and off but I don't have a headset and so I would want turbo button off right? Please help, I don't want headset mode to be on. Anybody know how to make the regular mode the default again???

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    Re: How do I turn Headset mode off??!! Help!!

    you gotta go to settings and headset

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    Re: How do I turn Headset mode off??!! Help!!

    have same prob except it wont let me turn on speaker phone either i went to settings tried everything nothing working please help phone is a verizon wireless prepaid samsung

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