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    We have a Katana II that was from the Embarq network. We called Sprint to have it active and it shows active on another account even though it is not. Called Embarq they said it can not be used on Sprint. (I thought the two worked together.) Anyways does anyone know of a jailbreak or unlock that will allow use to use it on Sprint? Please Help! Thanks!

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    Re: Have a Katana II on Embarq need it switched to Sprint. Help!

    Hi, My name is Jenny and I work with the Embarq customer outreach team. You are not able to use your Embarq phone with Sprint service. Embarq may use Sprint towers to deliver you signal to your phone, however the phone is programmed to work with Embarq only. I hope this helps you to understand why you can not use your current phone with another carrier. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at Embarq_Jenny @ Embarq.com anytime.

    Jenny R.
    Embarq customer outreach team
    Embarq_Jenny @ Embarq.com

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