Hi everyone--

I just upgraded my phone today with Sprint and purchased a Sanyo Katana LX. I really, really want atleast custom ringtones for my phone, but I only can receive text messages and cannot use downloadable internet to get ringtones or anything of the sort.

I bought DataPilot, big mistake. That thing is incredibly useless for my phone.

So basically is there any way I can get custom ringtones on my phone for free without having to download them from somewhere?

The contract isn't under my name, so i don't want to do anything with any extra charges, and I figured if I got another phone (since it's within 30 days) the figuration cost of an additional phone that would atleast have a micro SD slot, I'd have to purchase a micro SD reader and a micro SD for my computer would be atleast $50 more.

Thanks everyone in advance for your advice!

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