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    Hi there, I found a sanyo katana 6600, it hasn't been used in sixth months. This morning I call to Sprint customer service and they told me that I can activate this phone in postpaid (two years contract) with no problems, but I prefer a prepaid plan.

    1. I really don't know what to do, any idea?
    2. I don't know how to unlock this phone
    3. I don't know what was the previous phone number
    4. When I try to make a phone call I hear a message like this "your account couldn't be validated"

    If you were I, what would you do with this phone?

    Thank for your time.

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    Re: I found a sanyo katana 6600, now what?

    These phones are seriously legit.

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    Re: I found a sanyo katana 6600, now what?

    I suggest you still get in touch with the Sprite guys and ask them whether there could be any other way apart from signing a 2 year contract. You could a better option that suits you. All the best.
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