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    Not sure if this can be solved. Im trying to find the shared folder in this phone. While using the opera mini browser or the factory browser on this phone you sometimes have the option to save content from the websites your on. I know some phones have ftp folders and what not for bluetooth and other ways with usb. This phone gives you the option to save content in the folders for images, ringtones, etc. And also gives you the option to create folders or use a private or shared folder. But once i save the content in the shared folder because thats mostly the only folder you can save to for some reason unless its a ringtone or a certain image the phone understands in its format i cannot seem to find the shared folder. Has anyone ever had this issue with a similar phone or with this phone?? I know its not really meant for this kinda thing since its not a pda or blackberry or any kind of smart phone. But it would be nice to be able to download off the web say different apps or exe's. I just haven't been able to find any way to access the folder. Any thoughts??

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    Re: Need help with sanyo 3810...

    How do I flash my Sanyo 3800

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