Just got the Silver Sanyo Eclipse using Sprint. I like that the SAR rating is pretty low on this phone.
The only problem I am having is with using personalized ringtones. I have a 2 Gig micro SD card in the phone with my ringtones on it in MP3 and wma formats, but the phone won't see them as ringtones (though it will play them as music).
I've been checking out the forums and have tried what people have suggested:

* went to ventones, but the text messages they send have no link in them (I assuming assuming this is a sprint/sanyo thing and not a ventones thing)

* converted an mp3 file to acc and sent via bluetooth, the phone sees it but won't let me put it in the ringtones folder

* converted an mp3 file to 3g format. Under "sounds" where I pick a ringtone, this does come up under "my folders". I can hear it, but when I go to pick it as a ringtone I get a "warning - this file cannot be set" message. AHHHH!!!

One more thing, I've read where people wrote about going to options when the phone sees a file and choosing "set as" to make the file a ringtone. My Eclipse does not have this "set as" option anywhere!! Very often there are no options when I finally can see a music file.

This is driving me crazy, I am considering getting rid of this phone because of this, but I really don't want to do that. I am using a mac with OS 10.4.9.
Any help is much appreciated.


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