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    Hi everyone,
    I'm brand new to the community, Welcome Me =)
    I did some searching before I posted and saw some of the same question but no answers, or they weren't relevant. So here's what I got!

    1. Has anyone found any cool app/app sites that work well with the phone. Excluding Opera.
    - Most importantly I'm looking for a free navigation app. I always used Google Maps, Yahoo-Go, and Black Berry Messenger on my old BB rather than paying for TeleNav. The Incognito IS gps capable and TeleNav IS on it but I personally can't afford it at the moment.
    -Basically I need to know if anyone found/tested a GPS app, that's free?
    -=! I did try Mobile GMaps, however the maps wouldn't show up at all. I obviously had service and everything configured correct I believe. I had the same app on my BB and liked it the least.

    2. I downloaded the Opera Browser after reading some encouraging posts here, and wanted to say thanks to those who found and suggested it, 20 thumbs up compared to the stock browser.
    - But does anyone else find it a little hard to type numbers? They seem to work as if they were a standard phone keypad (not a full keyboard). If I want to type 7, I hold func and press 7 as i normally would and it brings up "pqrs7" and i have hold func and push 7, 5 times to get the number 7

    3. This is my last question, I apologize for the story but if I/others can help to get some of these things a little attention it could help fix my, & community/future/past posters.
    -Anyhow, I really don't like how the messaging is set-up.
    Here's an example of what I mean (Only way I can explain it best):
    - Say below are the most 6 recent people to text you
    The Messages In/Outbox (combined to make simply Messaging)
    Bob // Say Casey messaged you but you read Bobs message first
    Casey(1) // Casey's stays in his own thread below instead of a normal inbox,
    Bill // them coming in the order their received and sent but they're sorted by
    Jimbo Jumbo(2) // recent contacts messaged.
    Clint Eastwood //
    Jimmy Hendrix //
    ----The problem with this is say you get a message from someone who was say the 14th person on your recent message list and you don't read that one first, you have to scroll through a list of contacts in your messages until you see a (1, or how ever many message they sent) next to their name
    Basically I was just wondering if there's anyway such as a theme or setting that I might be able to play with a little to make it easier to handle mah messages.
    Don't get me wrong I'm highly tech savy and have an associates in computer science I'm just having trouble finding anything to help me at all i searched for hours, idk weither its cause its a newer phone (i believe its a rather new model) or that's just how it is

    Any Help / Feedback would be greatly appreciated
    I apologize in advance for how much and how many questions I asked, I just found that its usually easier to get more accurate and easier to figure out feedback if people completely understand the problem, and the already exhausted possibilities.

    Thanks Again & I appreciate your help & community.
    B-Man "the0ne." [Brenen]
    Phone Specs:
    Silver Sanyo Incognita - Purchased 4-0910
    Software & Firmware Updated Today until no more updates were available.

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    Re: Some Incognito Questions. Feedback Plz! =)

    Good responses good good. Gettin far gettin far! lol

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    Re: Some Incognito Questions. Feedback Plz! =)

    All I can tell you is Telenav is included in the data plan, not extra.
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    Re: Some Incognito Questions. Feedback Plz! =)

    I don't think that's true. The Boost unlimited plan does not include GPS. That's an extra $2/day or $20/month.

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