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    So, 3 weeks ago I bought an earpiece for the first time in 4 years. Now, for some weird reason, when I hooked up the earpiece to the phone, my cell phone started acting up, for example: the screen was blacking out, and the "ON" button was not light up, finally, when I tried to charge the phone, there was no power on the phone and it was not charging at all. At this moment, there is no activity on the phone and I am very scare that I lost my data, I have not dropped my phone, there is no water damage, my phone is almost brand new... and the fact that I replaced the battery with a new which I thought it would fix the problem, this has not done anything... Can anyone help me, please.???

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    Re: Extract contact from dead cell phone

    Is this for the Sanyo S1?

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    Re: Extract contact from dead cell phone

    I actually did lose my cell phone 6 months ago. I had 280 contacts/phone numbers in there and they were NOT backed up. To this day, I hate the kid that found my phone and called me to rub it in refusing to return the phone. Needless to say, I lost everything.

    While I cannot blame that kid, I can blame my stupidity. Why on earth would I not back up data that I rely on? My PC's all have independent backups, why not the phone? Ugh!!

    So, here we are. I have a new phone and it's still not backed up. Laziness right?

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