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    I have in my possession a Sanyo Innuendo, it looks really cool with the mirrored clamshell opening to a full qwerty keyboard. the operating system is not so cool. Its completely locked up and I can basically do what boost intended or throw the phone in the trash. I have been searching for the past few days for a way to delete this crap operating system and install something I could use like ms dos or linux. however it would seem that no one has attempted to make this undertaking before me and my computer skills are horribly lacking. I'm looking for people with answers or people with the determination to get answers please no nay saying. I know this can be done I just don't know how to do it myself so please Hacker God I envoke thee. I have a sixteen gb sd card inside and I was attempting to install dos on it and simply run it from there but the os on the phone obviously doesn't want that to happen.

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