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    Sunday: I used a site to get an unlock code. 12 hours later i got an email telling me that they can't unlock that phone (a basic phone) but would give me credit for another unlock during the year or refund me. I then replied for them to get hot and give me that refund now . I then checked PayPal and the payment to them hadn't even finished processing yet. Friday: I just checked again and they gone ahead and accepted the funds and made no attempt to refund me thereafter.
    I went to "disputes" on PayPal, where there is a disclaimer from them saying please don't do this, and the same old song and dance. Their company name shows up as Remote Unlocks on the transaction.

    Update: I see there is another thread for this particular scam. Oops! Anyway, I disputed the PayPal charge and Bingo! the refund was made in hours. I highly suggest you do the same if you have had a similar experience. If a scammer can get you to wait XX days before disputing through PayPal, you will have no recourse later.

    See More: Unlocking Site-Scam!
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