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    Over the past 2 months I have received calls from 3 seperate people a couple of times. The calls have come from California, New York and New Jersey. All have foreign accents and leave a message saying something to the effect that they need to contact me and would I or my lawyer return their call. They state that if they cannot get a hold of me they can only wish me luck in handling the situation. One time, a caller indicated it was regarding a social security issue.

    One time I picked up the phone and asked the caller what he wanted. He could not give me a straight answer and I told him I knew this was a scam and to stop calling me. He grew very agitated and hung up the phone. I've attempted to call the latest caller back, only from my home phone not cell, and it goes right to voice mail. The message does not have anything about a company name, just that there is no one to take the call. He doesn't list his name or number.

    Anyone had anything like this happen? I don't know what it is but if its a scam I'd like to find out more and report it.

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    Re: Possible scam regarding calls about a legal matter

    Did you record the numbers that are calling you? If so, what are they?

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    Re: Possible scam regarding calls about a legal matter

    I havent gotten these calls but my friend got them for a while. same type of random crap. he ignored them and eventually they just stopped.

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    Re: Possible scam regarding calls about a legal matter

    I have had the same call. They have called my cell and job number saying that it is a legal matter and that I should call them back and not to ignore their phone calls and if I do they can only wish me luck as well. I called the number back told them that they were being recorded and that as soon as I hang up with them that they would be receiving a call from my attorney. I also told them that they were a scam and to lose my info and numbers otherwise harrassment charges would be brought against them. the guy on the phone then told me he hopes I lose my job and that I was a [email protected]^*&^ B&*^*. I told him thank you and hung up. He also was calling from California and had a foreign accent. Total scam!!!

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