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    I purchased a Siemens C62 phone on the 28th of May 2004. It malfunctioned somewhere in mid-August; it could not send out sms's and incoming calls was redirected to my voice box. I sent it to the service centre, on the 29th Aug 2004 to the Parco Bugis Junction Service Centre. I got the phone more than two weeks later with supposedly a software update.

    On the 16th of Sept the phone malfunctions again; this time the phone dies on me and I can't power on, there is also no connection to the network. I went to the service centre and left my phone there on the 21st of Sept 2004 and it is now the 26th of Oct 2004. They offered to replace it with an M55. Is it policy for SIEMENS to supply a phone which is defective, and when it malfunctions, to offer to replace it with an inferior model?

    I have sent numerous e-mails to their e-mail hotline as well as made calls to the service centre to find out about the status of my phone but was not entertained. Beware buying a SIEMENS.

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    the same kind of thing happens with my siemens cf62...just turns off randomly and sometimes when the phone rings, the ringtone continually plays until i turn off the phone or the battery dies

    although i'm sure when i get a chance to return it they won't give an inferior model...just cause a fuss

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    siemens suck!!!!!

    you might think that making a fuss will work, but it did not work for me. I chased them for 3 months, making a fuss at their care centres, making a fuss at their headquaters, sending out e-mails to various people at siemens all over the world; did not do any good. Finally I threatened to distribute my experience with siemens everytime they had a road show, and they threatened to send their lawyers after me; but they did offer me money back. I took the money, about $300 singapore dollars, did not realise that I would get that much money for such a crap phone. Cheers and good luck with your quest.

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