Hi all,

I've had my S66 for about 5 months now and in the last 4 weeks it's been shutting off randomly. Sometimes it's in the middle of conversations and sometimes just sitting on a desk or in my pocket. I can't seem to find a common thread (place, time, last use, etc.) in why it's doing this. It doesn't seem to have any relation to battery life and even shuts off sometimes when it's plugged in. When it does happen it happens more than once and stops as mysteriously as it started. I did notice that it began after I got my Jabra 250 bluetooth headset, but I can't see how that would be related.

My concern is that this may be a defect with the phone itself as I have not gotten it wet or damaged it in any unexpected fasion. It does have some wear and tear (i.e. a few drops and minor scratches), but nothing serious.

Would I want to go to Siemens directly about this phone or would I be better off going to Cingular (my provider)?



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