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    Re: Siemens SXG75 availability?

    hi all

    any solution to reset siemens sxg75 or format .have one will sim card it turn off .without sim it work.

    please let me know

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    Re: Siemens SXG75 availability?


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    Re: Siemens SXG75 availability?

    Siemens stopped selling in North America when it began to lose money, we're not sure if Ben Q intends to return the animal to America and Canada, but is available in Europe .. UK is expected in December - not sure why stores that will stock below. Germany will be first more than likely than Western Europe to follow.

    Shops in the UK has recently stopped selling Siemens in disgust because they were not satisfied with Siemens, which dialaphone, Phones4U and the link but only a few Siemens not sell the new models.

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    Re: Siemens SXG75 availability?

    Hi there! I'm from the Philippines and they are selling Siemens here. They're good phones even have one here still intact. Though, I also think they're losing money since I don't see much of it here now.
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