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    That same unlocking problem.

    Hey aprillawan, I do understand how you are feeling at this moment. Couple of days ago a friend of mine had the same problem, I think T-mobile wont be able to help you on this one, trust me!!

    Let me give you a good idea, actually my frnd tried it and it worked. He placed an order for the unlocking service with exotic phone, it cost only $29.99.

    All you have to do is, just go to the website & place the order for unlocking service, don't forget to mention the following:

    1. Your IMEI number.
    2. Your phone model number.
    3. Your carriers name.

    After you do that, someone will call to verify and later you will be sent the unlocking code (which should be able to solve your problem).

    See More: Have the code can't unlock!!!

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    Re: That same unlocking problem.

    Have u seen youtube video about it?

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