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    I got my S68 a few weeks ago, but now that i am familiar with the phone i can give you a quick review:
    It is quick, slim and very light. quality craftmanship with a stainless steel metalkit. it has only the business and telephony features, cam, media player and so on are not on this mobile. it is a straight phone. great memory and contact space were you can put all your numbers and appointments in.
    i heard they now sell it with a free bluetooth bundle in u.k. unfortunately i missed that but i guess it is another argument for buying it.

    it is a mobile for people who:

    are into mobiles but want a second phone
    are confused with all the features mobiles provide nowadays
    dont use anything but the actuall phone, texts and the business functions
    want a classy phone without thrills

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    Re: Siemens S68

    Please visit this website

    BenQ-Siemens S68 - YouTube

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