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    I recently purchased an unlocked siemens cf62t phone to use with my current Suncom plan. After inserting my sim card and turning the phone on it continues to search for the network. I contacted Suncom concerning this and they were no help. Does anyone know how to make the phone work with the Suncom network?

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    Re: Siemens cf62t

    Hm... I just sold my siemens cf62t the other day, had it for a long time. Ill go and call some places for you and ask around. Ill try to let you know later, no promises but I can try. But i beleive the siemens is only for t-mobile. I don't think it will work for suncom.

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    Re: Siemens cf62t

    The OP already stated that the phone is unlocked youngb...but I don't think that matters any more since you're banned, lol.

    OP, you might have a defective phone. I have heard a bunch of problems with this one. Another thing to consider is that 850Mhz might be the signal that is in use where you live. The CF62T runs on 900/1800/1900, which T-Mobile mainly used just the 1900. That could be the reason why there is the constant "searching" on your phone. If you really like the look of this phone, I suggest you buy the US version, the CF63. Other than that, I'd probably recommend buying another phone cause that one will break down sooner than you think.

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    Re: Siemens cf62t

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