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    I have my dad's old EF81, great looking phone - but it won't work. at all. Nothing bad happened to it, it just ran out of battery, he came to charge it and it refused to do anything. I don't know much about the history of the phone. I've tried all the stuff like "# and power for 5 seconds", wiggling the adaptor around etc, seems completely dead. Is it the phone, battery (my suspect), or the charger? or possibly the charger taking out the phone? thanks.
    Oh and I don't have the USB cable for it either.

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    Re: Benq-Siemens EF81 - no power, cause of fault?


    I just have few questions, I would really appreciate your help...

    1. I just checked differences between EF81 and S88 and found out that EF81 is better in all aspects except one thing... S88 has auto focus.. EF81 doesn't have.. is there any other main difference?

    2. S88 has OLED display,, EF81 has TFT... which one is better?

    3. Do they have the same interface?

    Now these are questions regarding S88:

    4. does it have a dictaphone?... can I record phone conversations with it?... is there something like a "beep" during recording (like the one in nokia)?

    5. If you play an "amr" file or "mp3" file from the gallery during a call... is it heard by the other side (the one you are calling)?

    6. Does it play "MP4" and "Real" files?

    7. When a bluetooth beam comes to you, does it asks for comfirmation ?.. Does it show the name of the sender anyway?

    Thanks a lot

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