It might be built like a tank, but the Immerse won't offer you a touchscreen, Wi-Fi, a QWERTY keyboard, or hardly any of the other features that you might associate with a smartphone. It's got 3G connectivity, but not HSDPA so anything web-based is pretty slow.


* 3G Band: 900MHz, 2100MHz

* GPRS network & data

* EDGE network & data

* WEDGE 3G network & data


* 120.8 x 52.1 x 17.9 mm handset size

* 116.12g - handset weight

* 1300mAh standard battery capacity

* Standard talk time: up to 870Mins (2G) / up to 380Mins (3G)

To unlock Samsung B2710 Solid Immerse we need only IMEI number. Time to get unlock code is 21 minutes, it's average time.
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