To fast unlock Your LG Optimus Me P350 You need to have unlocking code .

You need to have also original sim card ( sim card from network that Your phone is working now ).

You can get unlocking code for Your LG Optimus Me P350 on our site

You can find Your model using search fields or by going directly to unlock by code LG Optimus Me P350.

To enter unlocking code to Your LG Optimus Me P350 You need to do :

1. Insert the sim card which your phone works now

2. type 2945#*350# or 2945#*71001#

3. window appears for entering unlock code

4. if Your phone will ask for Network lock enter NCK received from

5. if Your phone will ask for Service provider code enter SPCK code received from

6. confirm code and press OK

5. Your phone is unlocked now

After unlocking You can use Your LG Optimus Me P350 with sim cards from differents network like vodafone, t-mobile, O2, movistar, orange, amena.

Unlocking also alow You to increase value of your LG Optimus Me P350 because it can be used with all network cards.

Don't use free codes calculator, this free kind of software can block Your phone permanently.

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