More and more devices are receiving the newest Android version.

This time it is a Sony model called Xperia Z Ultra the Google Play edition.

Thanks to the latest version of the Android system the device receives a hlot of bug fixes and improvements to the smartphone security and HD voice support.

Other features include: the ability to control paired Bluetooth devices from Quick Settings. Users can also join Wi-Fi networks in similar fashion.

You can check if the update is availbale right now for your Xperia Z Ultra from Google Play, by chceking in the phone settings.

We also know that other Googple Play models include: HTC One (M8) and LG G Pad 8.3 soon with the new Android. offers special unlock codes, which allow your Sony device to work in any nettwork you wish.

You only need to make sure if there are any tries left, by checking the code counter and providing an IMEI number.

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