Project Ara is a new model of a cellphone introdeced by Google. The biggest difference between Ara and a typical phone is that it can be made by any customer.

What it means is that the phone will be made from various parts, which you can change any way you want.

For example if you are not taking to many photos and you don't need a good camera, you might want to trade it for a better battery.

The possibilities might be endless if you have enough money.

When talking about the price it is said to be about 50$. We don't know however how much the additional parts will cost.

Other information that were presented are the sizes of the phones. They will come in three sizes small, medium and jumbo.

Also when you want to change a part of your phone, you will need to do it through an application, not just disconecting the piece.

The prototype will be anounced in a couple of weeks and the will be available on sale later this year.

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