Do you wan to know is your phone clear or blacklist on GSMA ?

Do you want to buy some phone and check is lost or stolen ?

You can do it for free at

Global blacklist checker


Free blacklist checker

Just type your IMEI (how to check IMEI) and after 5 second you will get info about blacklist.

Exemple below

IMEI	3556890782xxxx
Model	Apple iPhone 6S (A1688)
Status	Clean
Date of checking	2017-03-28 11:28:22 GMT+1
IMEI	35380508xxxxxx
Model	Apple iPhone 7 (A1778)
Status	Blacklisted
Action	Black Insert
Date of action	2017-03-14 01:19:28.0
Done by	AT&T Mobility
Country	United States
Date of checking	2017-03-28 10:33:41 GMT+1

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