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    Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service, which enjoys great popularity around the world, and soon it will receive important for many users update.
    Huge numer of users was sending out to the producer question about adding a new feature that will allow them to use multiple accounts on one device, without needing to repeat the sequence log in-log out.
    Currently, there are works on the new feature, and is going through tests by a small number of users, for which the update was made available.
    You can expect that in the not so distant future owners of Apple devices will receive the same update.

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    Re: Instagram is getting important update on Android

    Instagram is my favorite social network. I have a lot of followers and post photos and videos about my life Application for iOS works really great. Updates are always cool!

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    Re: Instagram is getting important update on Android

    Hello there guys. All we know that Instagram is the most popular social network now and many people want to get more followers. But how to do this right? Do you know some effective strategy? For example I saw a possibility to buy Instagram followers for example from services. How do you think will it works?

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    Re: Instagram is getting important update on Android

    Text automatically translated from: Portuguese to: English
    OK, in this case you need to create a memorable informative post so that people can interact with your post by sharing likes and comments, use 20-30 hashtags with mega hashtags according to your post at the time of publication.

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    Re: Instagram is getting important update on Android

    The social network Instagram has long turned into a tool for promoting goods and services. The main way of presenting information is a photo and at the same time, there should be a minimum of text. This is the first thing you need to know. By implementing a competent personal brand, you can achieve good success in this social network. Of course, to start, I would advise you to buy here likes for your publications, but it's up to you. I still decided to use this service and did not regret it at all. After all, Instagram is based on likes and the more likes your publication has, the faster your personal brand will grow. In general, brands that need advertising turn to bloggers who have managed to create their personal brand. And it is probably better to call such people influencers. But it seems to me that even they resort to this type of promotion, because not always the audience wants to give likes.

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    Re: Instagram is getting important update on Android

    Hi, I am waiting for this update

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