The long awaited smartphone from Motorola called Moto G 4G is finally available in the UK.

The shops are currently accepting pre-orders for an 8 GB version for 160 pounds without a contract, or a contract for 19 pounds a month.

The regular version of the Noto G is also available for 117 pounds, but it is worth to invest more and buy a 4G version, because You not only receive a LTE connection, but also a microSD card slot to upgrade the internal memory.

The shops where You can order your model are: Clove UK, Amazon, Phones4u, MobileFun and, each of this shops has their individual offer, so it is worth checking all of them.

All Motorola users might be interested in unlocking the sim blockade in thier models.

Thanks to our website, you can buy special codes, which will unlock your phone, so that it might work in any network You desire.

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