Samsung included in its flagship product fingerprint scanner . Service provider PayPal has used this technology and prepared using the mobile payments reader . However , it turned out that the security has been broken ...

Specialists from Germany presented on video , how they managed to break the security fingerprint reader located on the smartphone Galaxy S5. What should I do ? It is enough to leave a visible fingerprint on the material. Later, you have to put a specially prepared fingerprint on the scanner Samsungu and we will unlock your phone . In this way, they are at risk of not only our data, but also money as collateral also works with external applications , which you can see on the video . PayPal also reads properly crafted print. Recall that in a similar way you can cheat Touch ID in the iPhone 5S .

PayPal has prepared a solution that allows you to use the fingerprint scanner Galaxy S5 as a form of payment. You do not need to enter a PIN, or other passwords - simply scan your finger to log in to your account. The software provider ensures that takes seriously reports of Security Research Labs . However, reassures its customers and claims that PayPal also uses advanced tools whose task is to prevent fraud before it is committed.

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