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    All users who are taking part in Apple Beta program, received a new update for the system.

    This time however the update is not called iOS 13.4.5, but iOS 13.5 the reason for this is that, this version includes a beta iteration of the new exposure notification API, which should aid health authorities track the spread of COVID-19.

    Right now all developers can start writing apps that take advantage of this API. There's a user-facing toggle to it as well, you can be in or out of participating in COVID-19 exposure notifications.

    Because of this new API being added, the new iOS beta is using a different SDK than iOS 13.4, iOS 13.4.5.

    The new files allow the user for easier unlocking of your iPhone with a passcode when you're wearing a mask. If the Face ID sensors detect that you're wearing a mask, then the passcode keyboard will instantly show up, making unlocking a lot faster.

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    See More: iOS 13.5 beta starts rolling out today. New features for Covid-19.
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    Re: iOS 13.5 beta starts rolling out today. New features for Covid-19.

    Thanks for sharing this feature with us.

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