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    Thanks to Geekbench we received first official information about upcoming Galaxy Tab S7+ model.

    The device should be available on July or August alongside Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

    When it comes to the plus model it is said to have a model code SM-T976B, runs Android 10 and have 6GB RAM onboard, but there could be other RAM variants as well.

    The benchmark gives us a motherboard as "kona", which corresponds to the Snapdragon 865 SoC. Which confirms previous rumors of the tablet having the Snapdragon 865 chipset at the helm.

    Geekbench doesn't reveal any other specs of the Galaxy Tab S7+, but if you believe unconfirmed rumores the plus model should have a 12.4" 120Hz display, pack a 9,800 mAh battery and support 5G networks in the US and Europe.

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    See More: New information about upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.
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    Re: New information about upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

    Looks interesting! I'm now searching to buy new laptop but this is quite expensive!

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    Re: New information about upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leggent View Post
    Looks interesting! I'm now searching to buy new laptop but this is quite expensive!
    I agree, this device looks really interesting and promising. Characteristics and features are amazing, but price is really high. If you want to buy this laptop I think you should wait some time. Also you can choose some other variant, for example from smart devices shop Good luck!

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