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    I'm a new member here and would like to post the following question for help. I am hearing impaired and I'm looking for a cell phone that has at least 30db of speaker volume increase. Most run of the mill cell phones do not have this much volume. (Not ringer volume) The dealers don't have any phones set up that I can try out.

    Can someone please direct me to the brand/models of cell phones that are made for the hearing impaired.

    I do appreciate any help or info anyone can send my way.

    I'm aware of the HATIS system but was wondering if any phones were made for the people who work in noisy environments. Those would have enough volume for me.


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    many of the older nokia 3390's had extremely loud ringtones, and u could even find louder tones on the internet. almost all cell phones now have a vibration feature on them that you could set to turn on anytime someone calls you,in case you cannot hear the phone.
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