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    Originally posted by black_spyda
    it sems like this post is pretty old but i would lke to know after you obtain 5 posts will you be able tor right click
    You can only right click after you left click first (doin this you buy the file out of our cpf $)

    And i tink the 5 post rule is gone! Is it @ndres?!

    See More: Midi Download Help

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    I am new here and so lost! I have never downloaded a midi file to my phone with a data cable. And I have no idea where to start can anyone help me

    Thanks janslem

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    depending on the type of phone you have, I think it's best to ask in that particular forum - some data cables need a program to transfer the files to the phone - while other phones are recognised as additional drives on your computer and you can just drag/send the files directly to the folder on your phone....

    in this same forum (new members/help) there is a thread on how to download from this site - make sure you read it as there is a little trick you need to know....

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