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    I don't know about this community yet...I am still getting to know it...but isn't this cash system kind of extreme. I could see other systems forcing you to register in order to download attachments and such, but forcing to post seems to me to encourage spamming the boards. It probably doesn't happen around here, but I would think for someone searching on google for a midi or mp3's posted only on here, that they would spam the boards to gain cash in order to get what they are after. Maybe I am wrong...just an opinion

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    Yeah,... u're not the only one who stated, don't worry, many others did as well,....

    Well, the system is actually to encourage active users as we hope that in the process of posting, many would become more and more interested and end up being active users (that's how i became an active member).

    Reason for doing this is to prevent "leeches" who come here and just take our stuff and leave soon after... this will cause a problem for our bandwith.... Anyway, u needn't worry about those spams as we have moderators to keep the boards clean, and also members can help by hitting the "report to moderator" on spams u see...
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    nothing on this board is by no means "exclusive." all of the ringtones will eventually spread all over the net. sometimes we get stuff posted here first, sometimes not. a lot of midis are posted by resident sequencers but the majority are found by a lot of time searching and searching all over. the reason for this board is to have them all in one place so that you dont have to spend all that time goin thru all those websites just for this ringtone over here and that ringtone over there. difference between a board and say a site that just simply hosts midis is here you can get help with cutting/editing/amping/etc stuff. websites u gotta contact the webmaster and wait for a response.

    theres plenty of other boards like this. if the cpf setup isnt for you then just wait and it'll end up somewhere else

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