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    when there is a file i want to download of here its says i aint got credit how can i get credit can some one tell me i am new to here

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    Dont junk post buddy!

    ok for starters don't junk post so many replies askin' why no one is helping - there are not always moderators online to answer your questions -
    did you read the faq's - these should answer most of your questions including how to download, what the CPF$ system is and how to earn CPF$ to get downloads


    basically you earn $ for replying to posts and starting new threads,
    these $ you can use to download midis which some phones use as ringtones.
    To download the midi files make sure you don't have a pop up blocker on - such as google toolbar - and then click the file, wait for the pop up, then refresh the page the file was on that you want - now you will be able to right click on the link and 'save target' to get your file.... this will cost you $25 CPF$ for each downlad....
    To download graphics simply right click and 'save target', this cost's you no CPF$
    You will then need to use a data cable or wap site to get the images or ringtones to your phone....

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