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    Im confused on the whole cpf concept on playing games and postings. What am i supposed to do post often and reply often to play the games. or is there another way to understand this process??

    See More: So how do you play the arcade games?

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    Arcade: It costs each time you play a game in the arcade UNLESS you purchase an arcade pass (which run about $500CPF)... if you get high scores you win CPF$ - but its your choice as to whether you want to play or not... there're other things to spemd your CPF$ on like pretty glowy names and stuff

    Posting: The board depends on its users... reply to threads that interest you to earn CPF$... by replaying and creating new threads you also create interest in the board which therefore attracts other members (and when we all see those advertisements at the top of the screen the board's owner benefits and it cover the operating expenses of the board.

    Asking for help: There is a forum especially for newbie help and questions ... look at the bottom right for he "forum jump" dropdown box and within it scroll up to "getting started/new members" ... unless, of course, someone moves this thread before then

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    Looks like you've got this one well covered Jeanie... So what is it enoughsaid you're wanting to do primarily with the money purchase ringtones or play in the arcade? If you want the arcade pass for the arcade the scores aren't so far out that you can't get a top score... and most are around $500 CPF if you win then purchase the arcade pass with your winnings... you also might take advantage of that Superbowl contest as well... might make a quick buck for little investment... then invest it in the bank and earn interest... then you'll have a little extra for ringtones and nameglow and such along with the money you get from posting... it's not so difficult to comprehend really... if you have any further questions though feel free to ask.

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    Thanks so much, the phone i bought is a nice one and i like all the cool stuff you can do with it. This is a really nice website to. Nice to know that Im not the only Phone junkie around.

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