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    okay before i get into detail you have to have the internet on your phone!

    I have verizon and dont need the internet for funformobile way! you get a pic message! but this is for other services like gsm! okay i only had one experience with cingular but anything else - no!

    Fun For
    1. go to

    2. check if ur phone is compatible!

    3. if it is, continue on reading this post (sign up with them if you want)

    4. on ur left hand side, click upload ringtone same for wallaper ect.

    5. enter ur phone#, carrier!

    6. upload ur file: midi, mp3*, qcp, aac*, mmf, m4a, or wav

    7. you'll get a message on ur phone! either a pic message or text message!

    8. cingular: go to the url they have for you! other carriers: you have to find out where you need to go to connect to the website!

    9. then download ur tone to ur phone

    10. if correct you'll get ur tone on ur phone!
    1. go here:

    2. upload ur tone (must me under 20kb!)

    3. you should get ur download code!

    4. go here on ur mobile internet:

    5. it will prompt you to enter ur download code!

    6. press continue!

    7. it tell you code accepted!

    8. download ur tone to ur phone!

    9. if done correctly, you'll get a bad booty tone in ur page!
    1. go to:

    2. sign up with them:

    3. after signing up and you went through all the registration steps,

    4. sign in

    5. once signed in, go here:

    6. click add file

    7. then browse, find ur file

    8. then put in a description!

    9. then click: upload!

    10. then click: back

    11. okay now you should see ur files u uploaded in ur upload shack!

    12. now go to this address in your mobile phone's internet:

    13. it will prompt you to sign in

    14. sign in

    15. okay, now go to upload shack

    16. find the file you want

    17. highlight it

    18. select it

    19. then download it to ur phone!

    20. wallah! there you go!

    if you have any questions or anyother comments please feel free to tell me!

    dont know if this works for verizon! never tried it! dont have wap!

    but i know this works for cingular phones! you have to go to the website on ur phone during the day! i had one incedent where it didnt let me connect! but continue trying until u connect!

    See More: here are mutiple ways to get tones/wallapers ect. on ur phone!

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    did this work for anyone?

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    It would, only if I didn't have a Verizon Phone .

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    Same here

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    I have a the motorola V710 and i did the funformobile site and it worked perfectly. im never paying for ringtones again and i can put any song i want on my phone. THX alot man

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    I have a V180 Motorola phone.... I tried the funformobile web site and it didn't work.. I am using the audio converter to convert my music to mp3's.. and when my phone receives them..they don't play anything.. do you think it's the program?

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    Hmmm...I think we have a thread started for this already don't we????

    It's located here Link
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    The application i used to convert my files to mp3 was WavePad. Make sure that after you convert ur file, that you save it as a mp3 file when the save box comes up because the default setting is not set to save to mp3. Let me know if that was the problem and if not i will try to help you some more.

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    Zedge is great althou it's a little slow sometimes when I'm just surfing the site. then again that could be the restrictions at work lol.

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