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    Quote Originally Posted by US-Shipper
    OH WOW...WOW fo rill.....50 grand...ahhh.... 50 grand ...n1ckel5 , what's coming my way ha....lol...I was actually looking at the richest mebers yesterday and envying n1ckel5 ...but he lubs me
    He may be one of the riches members that shows, but he is by far the actual richest.

    There are members here that have billions upon billions of $CPF bucks build up in their bank accounts.

    I am by far the richest, and I have over $75 billion built up myself.

    I am glad though that he is helping you all out....shows the character of our moderator's, and their willing to help out.

    Big pat's on the back to n1ckel!!!

    See More: theif!
    You are CRUNCHY, and taste good with Ketchup!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jeaniesing
    "flopped"? wowsie Boss... your's must be way different than my cheapie thing,,, mine has never flopped...
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    gimmie one billion

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    Look who's back!
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    thanks boss! i only appear rich because i keep a lot of cash on hand for my picture thread and for helpin' out the new guys! but there's more cash where that came from...lol!

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