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    Ok, so I'm a total noob, I'll admit it. Couple questions about the forum. I've searched and read for hours, and still can't find the answers. My questions are all about what I see on posts, and should be simple? What do all the little symbols and icons on the user information side of a post symbolize? What is rep power? What does it mean when someone gives you a reputation? And how do I change my posts so that my profile info is on top, and my post is below it, not like it is now with my info on the left, and my post on the right? Hope this isn't asking too much?

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    Re: CPF noob, simple questions, easy answers??

    Check here for an explaination on rep power: http://cellphoneforums.net/faq.php?f...q_reputation_1

    Which symbols are you referring to? You should be able to mouse over them and you'll get an explaination.

    You can't change things so your profile info is on top. That's global forum setting.
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    Re: CPF noob, simple questions, easy answers??

    Look at the picture below...

    1. "Junior Member" is a name chosen by the software and is determined by how many posts you have... you can change this in the feature store

    2. the little cell signal icon is determined by length of membership/number of posts... y'see I have a 6 bars, you have 2

    3. CPF$ are earned by posting... you can spend them in the Feature store

    4. Reputation is simply a way to show respect for others on this forum... if you like what you read you should hit the scales (#6). Your rep power is determined by your rep score (look in your user CP) - I don't remember the exact formula... you get a rep power point for every x number of reputation points, an additional power point for every 90 days you've been here, and a coupla other things - but you have to have 50 posts to activate your rep power.... your rep power is how much you will affect another person's rep score... mine is on the high side so I can give you lots of kudos for a post, yours is zero still, you can thank me for this post by clicking the scales (#6) but you won;t chenge my rep score (yet )

    #5. If its green the person is online, if its not green they are not... CPF cookies can be confusing though... if someone closes a page without logging off the may appear online for hours after they have left.

    #6. The scales... click here to give someone reputation points... the more points they have, theoretically, the more helpful and popular they are

    #7. report post... click this if a post is inappropriate for whatever reason... a message will go to the forum mods and it will be handled ASAP


    I don't believe we have the option of changing the format so that you can view your postbit atop your post... CPF is a pretty big community... we've kept it simple and professional by not allowing some things that you might find on a more social forum

    Anything I missed?!?
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    Re: CPF noob, simple questions, easy answers??

    The other things you will see some people have are the little things like the beer mugs, roses, ribbons and stuff are gifts that where either bought by the person, or given to them by other members.

    To access that part of the store, just click on the Forum Store Menu and scroll down to give gifts.

    They do cost money of course, so be careful on what your buy, and who you buy them for.
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