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    Hi guys, I was surprised why this hasn't existed yet (but if so., apologies-guess I missed it ), so humbly submitted. I've shared this on most forums I'm active on and I'm sure some have found it handy. The experts can ignore . Please add constructive criticism, if any. I'm sure the mods can edit and update as necessary.

    Mystery Revealed

    Forums nowadays give you two options to do this. Either;
    A) Attach the picture(pic) in the actual post...or
    B) Hotlink the pic using [img] html codes (should these codes be enabled in that thread/forum).

    What's the difference? Well in a nutshell., server load, and maximum cap limits. Attaching files and photos in the actual post is usually Highly restricted to a very small icon-ish sized item, and even data files will be ~find it's address>link in the post-Voila!

    Comparatively, such free online IMAGE HOSTING/hotlink (capable) webhosters such as:
    ImageShack® - Hosting
    PictureTrail: Online Photo Sharing, Image Hosting, Online Photo Albums
    VERY COOL. Just log in, BYPASS the "sign me up, block", Log in, click the only link there is, and your account will be activated instantaneously. You DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP, AND WAIT FOR AN EMAIL. I did it from start to finished uploading my batch of pics in one sitting (few mins). Pics do hotlink

    Publish from XP
    ...offer powerful services., all for free. Of course if you have your OWN website, you probably know how to link pics already., but if not, basically you'd just upload a photo>find it's address>link in the post-Voila!

    So Here we go using Photobucket as our example site.

    Take this photo I want to upload from my PC.

    I upload it to my account (note xs.to and imageshack among some-do not require an account and you can do individual submissions) as such.

    Note, how if you had multiple pics you can choose this drop down toolbar

    Once uploaded-I select the proper [img][/img] code.

    Then I enter it into the position I want it displayed in my post

    The other benefit to some of these sites is that they prepare the text to be entered INCLUDING the [IMG][/IMG] codes so that you don't need to make use of the InsertImage button (yellow icon with the mountain on it) on the toolbar. If you-say had your own website, you would copy the url of that image, insert it, then once selected click on that icon and the forum engine vBulletin would "wrap" the img codes around your url.

    That is why sometimes you see users with images in their text with the photo flanked by img codes additional to it. That's because they copied a url already prepared-but additionally clicked the icon above effective duplicating the coding which is unnecessary; Ex: [IMG][/IMG]



    One of the features I truly like with PB is that with multiple photo postings, I can select them by check mark, and click "generate img code"-which streamlines the whole process and cuts down on unnecessary repetitive processes. Great for FS/FT ads when you have several pics to display.

    Now I tend to do my resizing pre-upload, so PBs services serve me great. However sites such as ImageShack provide built-in options so you may prefer that if you are so inclined.

    See More: Very Detailed: Tutorial for hotlinking images in posts for fun or for FS/FT adds

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    Re: Very Detailed: Tutorial for hotlinking images in posts for fun or for FS/FT adds

    The only thing that remains is to provide a quick screenshot of /publishing from XP/ with PB., and a little screenpic of the advantages of using something like pictiger. God, I LOVE publishing from XP., so easy, and so profficient.

    Pictiger allows multiple code generation for thumbnails which I find when creating a tutorial of say (how to disassemble a cellphone) comes in handy-rather than linking the full size, it'll give you the option of selecting multiple images and bulk generating the img codes for it. Other than that...truthfully, if PB (wonder if they actually do and I missed it??) did it, you'd need NO other site for all your graphical needs .


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    Re: Very Detailed: Tutorial for hotlinking images in posts for fun or for FS/FT adds

    AWESOME tutorial! Thanks! Hope the new members use it!

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