One of the "other" cell phone forums identifies the various carrier forums in the main menu page by their geographical coverage and their network status. It would be useful -- particularly to newbees -- if CPF did something similar and identified each carrier's geographic focus and network type next to their names on the main menu page. The following would be an example:

Cingular - U.S. GSM and TDMA provider
Nextel - U.S. iDEN carrier
Sprint - U.S. CDMA Provider
T-Mobile U.S. GSM provider
US Cellular - U.S. CDMA provider
Verizon Wireless U.S. CDMA Provider
Bell Mobility - Canadian CDMA Provider
Fido - Canadian GSM provider
Rogers Wireless - Canadian TDMA and GSM provider
TELUS Mobility - Canadian CDMA and iDEN

Just an idea.

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