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    I am, and have been the member on a few forums in the last several years, and I must say this is the LEAST helpful of any of them. In my searches for a little info on a phone, not much info has came to light, and there have been several questions ask about the same model.No one takes the time to answer the simplest of Q's unless its the latest and most $$$$$ one out there. Just because my post count is not in the triple numbers, it seems no one is intrested in helping people like myself with the basic of Q's. I know I will get a lot of "well you should have searched" replys but it seams most of the other posts in relation to mine have come up empty as well. And like myself most of these first time posters prob have moved on and will not return to this message board. Just a few thoughts. Thank you for wasting my time.

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    Re: No Help

    Maybe no one has your answers on this forum. Not everyone has every phone. I have been here for some time. Most questions get answered.
    Just because there is not a reply does not mean people are shunning you, the people that read your post unfortunately do not have your answer.

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    Re: No Help

    I answered your other post...

    Please click LIKE to show if a post is helpful or not!

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