Hello forum people! Hope all are well.

I just had my Motorola V557 stolen and had to file a claim with my insurance. Of course once I was told what to do and I would only have to pay the down payment of $50 due to having insurance. That changed when I went in the store in person to; "You have to buy a new phone due to the upgrade". So I ended up paying about $170 for a new phone, a razor. Then I find out there is a deal for $99 for a Razor advertised and other deals for even less including a smart phone for $99.

My issue now:

I am wanting to purchase a voice recorder of some type. With this thought in mind is there a smart phone or other type cell device that is capable of voice recording like a small hand voice recorder. I know the phones have alot of capability but is one made that will record voice or music like a recorder?

Can anyone tell me what exactly these new high priced phones do. Do they record music like a recorder or download from some other source. Seems like they should record voices as well as music but I have been unable to find this info.

Can they be hooked up to a USB port like some of the digital voice recorders to download from the device/phone to a PC like some of the digital recorders can?

Any help is appreciated.


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