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    Hi! I'm Micah. I'm new to these forums, so lemmie start by saying I happened to come up on these forums looking for random sound clips I could use for my cellphone. This is an awesome cellphone help site!

    I'm down in Montgomery finishing college, I've had several phones that I've flash/flexed modified in someway. Even a bricked a couple of them. So I have a small bit of experience.

    My current phone I'm using is a Blackberry 8120, I can honestly say I've found a great phone that for once I didn't have to flash/flex a new OS on. Within time I'll customize it to my liking, but as for the OS? I'm loving what RIM has released. I have also unlocked all the carrier themes on it, so if anyone needs help with this, or has a question I'll try my best to answer it or ask one of my many other friends who have helped me.

    With that said, I hope to cya around on the forums!

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    Re: New Guy here! How's it going?


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