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    I'm here in London, Ontario, Canada - had a cell for 5 years and needed to upgrade. I searched online and was impressed with the LG enV2. It isn't available in Canada however it turns out LG released the Keybo here. I bought the Keybo yesterday Verizon has about 25% sharehold in Telus Mobility, my provider here in Canada. Looking forward to reading info and ideas. Cheers! Jen.

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    I'm in Canada. In other words, my phone is really a Keybo.

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    Re: New Member from Canada

    Howdy JenBean and welcome to CPF.

    Feel free to read and read and read some more, and ask plenty of questions, as there are a lot of helpful users on the forums and the mods are very helpful as well. Heck even the mods like me that don't log on for months and months can be helpful! sorry didn't mean to put you to sleep...

    Again welcome to the Cell Phone Fourms!

    Da Bear

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