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    ok so i just bought the boost mobile walkie talkie phone
    this is my first phone btw
    and i got the $1 a day plan
    phones been activated
    calld about that
    now i try texting and i cant send txts
    but i can receive them
    what is going on?
    anyone else haveing the same problem or know what i can do
    its 1:47 in the morning i cant sleep and i wana get this a working
    help plz support is closed now with boost mobile

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    RatherDashing is offline


    Re: bm texting

    so i had to wait all night
    and i thought they opend their calls up at 7
    instead its 4
    k so i called
    and she said that with sprint, nextel, and boost customers, yu can start receiving texts and sending txts right away, but with other customers it can take up to 72 hours before they can start receiving their texts faster

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