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    Welcome new members!

    You have found We welcome you to this site with enthusiasm. Before you begin to post and enjoy the site to the fullest, there are a few things you should know.

    This post is intended to help you stay on the right path at CPF. We try and keep the site as professional and clean as possible. Following a few simple rules will make all of the moderator's jobs easier and help keep the site fun and inviting.

    Have you received your $100 CPF? If not, visit the New Member Thread, by Clicking Here.

    Another thing you need to be sure to do is introduce yourself to the community. Get to be known! You can do this by posting a New Member Introduction Thread Here. Also, remember the New Member thread sections are not for cell phone help of any kind.

    Standard Rules and Guidelines

    Conduct: To encourage a welcoming atmosphere, we ask that you follow a few simple code(s) of conduct.

    • Please treat other members with respect. This forum is here to bring users around the world together. Disrespecting other members is not a good way to get the useful information you originally came here for. If you disagree with a user, share your views in a positive way. If you really dislike their post, give it a poor reputation. This will let them know their post was not helpful. If you like the post, let them know. Give them a good reputation! If the post violated any rule of the site, report it..An example that is not OK for you to say is "That post really sucked". Something you could say instead is "I disagree. My views on this are __________". Debates are OK, kid-like arguments are not.

    • Profanity. Profanity comes in many terms. One common example of profanity is foul language. Foul language is OK to a certain degree. When we say a certain degree, we mean it cannot be used towards or aimed at any one person. This means it may be OK for you to say "That phone is bad ass". It would not be OK to say "Go **** yourself". It isn't OK to say that with or without it being starred out. Another thing is, watch your terms. Something that may not be offensive to you may be to someone else. These include terms related to race, religion, and/or sexual orientation. Remember, Moderators reserve the right to remove you and your posts if you violate any of the outlined code(s) of conduct.

    • Links. Links are OK, after a while. We have set a strict limit of when you can begin to post links. You can post links starting at 20 posts. Things that are marked as Spam to a moderator is usually related to links. This is common if we notice that your very first post(s) included links. We do not allow advertising to your own site, without specific permission. If you would like to know more about how to get the "specific permission", please view the Vendors page: Cell Phone Forums

    • Multiple Accounts. Multiple Accounts are not against the rules; however, it is very clear to us when a multiple account is created. Generally, users attempt to create multiple accounts to cause trouble, come back after being banned, voice their thoughts using a second identity, reputation reasons. Users with multiple accounts are closely watched. We do not take immediate action against users with multiple accounts because more than one person may share a given computer terminal, we don't want to ban the wrong people.

    • Threads/Posts. We encourage an active environment that is rich in information. In addition to the expectations above, you can help keep the forum clean by posting only when you have something good to say. Junk posts are immediately deleted and may place your user account at risk of being banned. A simple "Thank You" or "O.K." may be considered junk, depending on the active moderator(s). Also, bumping threads is not allowed, but may not always be acted on when this happens. We recommend, if the thread is a huge value to you, purchase a sticky from the feature store--Click Here. This places the thread at the top of the forum they're in permanently. Sometimes, only small actions are taken, but just avoid any actions by following the rules. Posting multiple posts in one thread in a row may be auto-merged. If you need to add something, just use the edit button. Do not bump old threads. Old may be defined as a thread that hasn't seen any activity in 6 weeks or more. We reserve the right to close/lock threads at any time. Another final note, you should always be sure you title your threads appropriately to get an appropriate response. Making a pointless title will not help you much. Also, be sure you try and be clean when posting a thread. This means that you really do try to ***** correctly or at least make sure the readers know what you mean. Just try and make sense, so your thread isn't junk. Also, duplicate posts (even if posted in different forums) are immediately deleted and an infraction may be issued.

    • NO Advertising. We strictly enforce a no advertising policy. We are welcoming to people attempting to promote their Cell Phone related businesses. That's exactly why we have a vendor program which gives you exclusive rights to advertising on Cell Phone Forums. You can become a vendor here.

    • Infractions/Warnings. We issue these whenever a user violates the site rules (listed both here and in the FAQ). When we issue warnings/infractions, you receive a PM letting you know of the violation and the status of the infraction/warning. These can add up and can cause temporary and permanent bans. We also do use seniority on this site. This means if you've been here several years and have many posts, but one day you slip up...we may just delete the post and let you know it violated the rules. This means you would only receive a warning. New users who arrive here immediately and post junk will usually receive an infraction or an immediate ban. We don't play favorites; however, not all users may be treated the same. In this sense, we mean if you've been here for years and seem to be dedicated, but you make a mistake, we may issue a warning or even just send you a personal PM letting you know of your error and then we'd delete or fix the problem. If you've been here one day with a low amount of posts, you may be banned immediately...or receive a severe infraction.

    NO TOLERANCE POLICY - Posts that contain simply a link, an "OK", or another pointless response in order to gain posts are immediately deleted and the person is banned on the spot, at the moderators discretion. Cell Phone Forums has set up post requirements for viewing attachments and other media items to encourage all users to actively participate in the site. Users who attempt to bypass the restrictions on the site may be subject to being banned.

    Using the Site

    The easiest way to find out how to use the site is by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions. Anything not covered here should be there.

    • CPF Cash. Money to use in the CPF Feature Store. You can buy some cool things within there. You make money by voting in polls, posting new threads and posts, and some other ways.

    • Reputation/Rating System. Click the "Did you find this post helpful" (yes) or (no) to do this. This will give the poster an idea of how helpful that post was to you. This is a very useful system that should be utilized by the majority of the members. This system also gathers a list of most useful answers and displays that information here: Most Helpful Answers -- Cell Phone Forums

    • Reporting Posts. This helps moderators quickly resolve issues that we may have never known about! Just click this little icon:

    • Newsgroups. These are similar to the forum except they aren't part of us! They have a minimum number of posts required to post in them and we highly discourage the use of these forums unless you are familiar with newsgroup etiquette.

    • Search. The search is the easiest way to find information that may have already been posted! If you find something that has already been posted (where the user could have used the search), don't get mad! Answer the question (or don't) and then suggest (nicely) that they could easily use the search. Search Click Here.

    • Filling Out Details. It is really helpful to the moderators and other members when we see your phone information and location information filled in. It makes it where you don't need to provide that to us in every post you make about your device! Edit that here.

    • User Groups. Do you like to connect with people who enjoy similar things you do? Well, Cell Phone Forums has the thing for you. It's simple to start and is included in your registration. Click here to find out more! You may also see the term "Social Groups". Don't worry, it's the same thing!

    • Blogs. Yes, Cell Phone Forums has blogs so you can express yourself on more of a personal level. The blogs don't even need to be about cell phones. As long as they're appropriate and meet every standard (and then some) listed in this Start-Up thread. Blogs are moderated like the rest of the forum and are available to the public, unless otherwise chosen. Click here to find out how to start blogging on CPF!

    • Private Messaging/Email. Private Messaging (PM) and emailing is available through Cell Phone Forums. Private Messaging is a standard feature of the site while emailing requires the users consent and their own email account. Private Messages automatically pop-up when you receive one whenever you reload the page. You follow on screen instructions to read them. Private Messaging can be sent many ways, one is by using the drop down menu (by clicking someone's bold, underlined name near a post) and clicking "Send A Private Message". Emailing is done the same way, but isn't available for every user, based on their choice. Emails are delivered to your standard email box. For more details, ask a friendly user or a Moderator. FAQ-Email/Private Messaging

    Canceling Your Registration would much rather make your experience here a good one instead of terminating your subscription; however, if you feel it is necessary to unsubscribe from this site, follow the simple instruction(s) below:

    • Use the "Contact Us" page at the bottom of any page or follow the words Contact Us above. This sends an email to the site administrator. Be sure to include your user name. It is also ideal if you include the reason for wanting to leave, but that is optional.

    • Contact a Moderator or an Administrator on the Mods & Admins page. They can usually assist you with your request or they can contact someone who can. They may also be able to suggest an alternative to leaving and assist you in resolving and issues you may have.

    • It is not necessary to post a thread about wanting to leave and cancel your subscription. Please follow the steps above.


    Staff is defined as anyone who works or volunteers their time into this community. Staff at is generally all volunteer and unpaid. They donate their time into this site to make it an enjoyable place.

    Types of Staff:

    • Administrators. These guys are pretty much in charge. They can and will perform similar actions as a Super Moderator...and then some. They help design the site and make sure it keeps going. They regulate the moderators as well. The prime Administrator is Tavenger5.

    • Moderators. We have both Super Moderators and General Moderators. General Moderators are assigned to specific forums and can only take action within their assigned forums. Super Moderators, on the other hand, moderate all forums and locations within the site. They can perform actions pretty much everywhere. A moderator can remove or edit threads, ban users, etc. We have a list of moderators available for you by clicking here.

    • Writers. These are the people that keep you informed. They bring the current happenings in the wireless world to you, for your convenience. The can be viewed on the same page as the Moderators, here.

    • Vendors. Vendors are not direct staff, but are given specific rights on the forum. They pay a subscription fee for these rights. Their user title is yellow-orange and they can advertise their services or products here on the forum. Their posts ARE NOT spam and when reported (for advertising) no action is taken against them. You can view them on the same page as the Moderators here.

    Remember, our staff is all volunteer. You should treat the staff, like all users, with respect. They come from all walks of life, just like the community. They may have different views than you and all staff members are different. Remember, all actions taken are at the discretion of the current Administrator(s)/Moderator(s). is always looking for new members to take on these leadership roles. is a diverse community looking for diverse staff. If you're interested, we ask you have 100 posts or more and be an active member. Click here for more details.

    Most importantly, we hope you have fun here on We encourage you to contact any moderator or administrator if you need any help at any time. You can view our Forum Leaders page to find out who to contact!

    Best Regards,
    Cell Phone Forums

    See More: New Member Start-Up/Rules. Updated: 02/27/2010
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