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    late night surfing found this place. I don't know how I got here but I think I may stay a bit.

    oh i have a samsung a930. and I hate this phone. three calls and its dead. I don't know what I'm getting next time. I think I'll go back to lg. Ive had good luck with them.

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    Re: newbe here

    Welcome to Cell Phone Forums. Be sure to visit the New Member Start-Up thread also!

    As for the issue with the Samsung SCH a930, I too have owned this phone in the past. It isn't one of the best, but it worked for me perfectly...the battery issue simply could be that the phone's old. That phone hasn't been sold in a while and batteries are only supposed to last about 6 months-1 year on a cell phone...

    I do agree, LG phones do perform better in some cases and work very well with Verizon's network. Motorolas get the best signal...guaranteed.
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    Re: newbe here

    I'm new here too...
    I was just looking for a ringtone...
    anyway I have a nokia 5300 and it's purple... it's the only color they had on stock that day...

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